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World Cancer Day

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Take note! Today is World Cancer Day. More than 8 million people around the world will die from cancer this year. But, we have the power to help prevent some of the 4 million premature cancer deaths from occurring. How? Your voice! Join me and WCD in spreading awareness. Together, #WeCanICan fight cancer! 

Thank you to my bestie, Courtney, for inspiring this post and for the amazing work and daily impact you have on your breast cancer patients at PRMA. If you or a loved one are battling breast cancer, please consider PRMA. To date, they've performed over 7,000 breast reconstructions, including over 6,000 microsurgical flap procedures, making PRMA one of the leading centers in the World. They're also in-network for most US insurance plans and strive to provide you with the highest care and most natural results possible. You're in the best hands with Courtney and her team of specialized surgeons!

#WorldCancerDay #KickCancersAss


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How to Make Your New habit stick with 1 easy tool

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Today, I'd like to introduce you to a handy little tool that will give you a jumpstart on tackling a new habit. They say it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, and while this notion has been highly debated, it's worth giving a shot for those every day, little habit challenges. 

Maybe you've heard of the Don't Break the Chain Calendar before? Maybe not. Either way, these little things can come in handy. Think of it as a grown up version of Snake that helps you stick with your new habit. 


Feel free to print the October Don't Break the Chain Calendar above, and if you want to get your FREE copy of the November Habit Calendar, just enter your email below! Let me know how this works out for you if you try it!